About Us

Steady development & solid strength
Leader in Malaysian auto parts industry
LB Auto Group is a reputable auto parts wholesaler in Malaysia that supplies more than 30,000 kinds of parts. The company has created 5 brands and produced various best-selling and high-quality auto parts. Riding on the scale and the number of its own brands, it has become one of the top leading enterprises in the country.

There are 5 companies that are all auto parts wholesalers under LB Auto Group. Managed with a modern digital and professional operation, it is hailed as one of the auto parts wholesale groups with the greatest potential in Malaysia.

We are a solid enterprise with all-round development, including internal management, brand building and development, product diversification and business expansion. As a result, we have become a leader in the Malaysian auto parts industry winning numerous prestigious corporate awards in the process.
Established sales & warehouses in strategic locations nationwide
Steady business expansion to every corner in Malaysia
Founded in 2000, LB Auto Group owns 5 companies located in several strategic locations in Malaysia, serving customers who are major auto parts retailers and supplying all over the country.

Each of the 5 companies in our group, as appended below, holds different brands:
In order to provide high-quality services to fuel the company's expansion strategy in the market, each company in the group has their own warehouses located in the following strategic locations:
Fuelled by good management and excellent products, LB Auto Group has never stopped developing and will open branches step by step in the future, with the aim of establishing sales branches all over the country.
Auto parts group with the largest number of own brands in Malaysia
Built with strength & excellent quality
As an auto parts supplier with all-round development in this brand-value-first era, the Group attaches great importance to its brand in the market, carefully creating its own best-selling brands.

At the present stage, we divide our auto parts brands into 3 modules, made up of the Group's self-created brands, exclusive distribution brands, and 5 distribution brands.
Every brand is well-managed for growth & added value
Whether our own brands or distribution brands of other reputed labels, these branded parts are mainly independent suspension systems and steering wheel parts with a highly comprehensive range.

For the three brand modules, especially the parts produced under our own brands, most of the brands represent best-selling parts in the market that are reputed for their quality, and the other remaining brands are well-known labels in the market too.

Each of our own brands, which is an important asset of the Group, comes with a specially designed trademark and a complete brand recognition system.
Overseas high-end OEM production
Exquisite workmanship & excellent quality
All products in the brands owned by LB Auto Group are produced by high-end factories in various countries, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Thailand, all of them top notch local manufacturers in their respective countries. These manufacturing plants exhibit the following salient highlights:

- They are all OEMs that have been strictly screened by us;
- These OEMs are professional factories with international standard certification;
- These OEMs also manufacture high-end parts for internationally renowned brands;
- They have exquisite parts manufacturing technology and professional facilities;
- They have been producing high-quality and durable parts for multinational OEMs on a long-term basis;
- The professional workmanship of these OEMs rank among the top in China and Taiwan.

The OEMs we entrust produce more than 30,000 standard product units, all of which undergo strict quality control and are guaranteed for 6 to 24 months by the original factory.

´╝ŐWarranty periods vary with individual products.
Good use of digital Cloud management to make efficiency faster & more accurate
As a modern management group, we keep pace with the times in management. For example, we have adopted several exclusively developed cloud APPs to make our service more efficient and accurate, which is conducive to the rapid, steady growth of the company.

We invested heavily on a dedicated programmer to develop a tailor-made APP to replace traditional hand-made orders. The same APP, in the hands of the salesmen, is synchronized with inventory management through Cloud, making business operations and services faster and more accurate.

As another example, we have another APP that allows customers to register their warranties online, greatly improving customers' confidence and efficiency in the quality of our products, and reducing red tape for warranty registration at the same time.

In the future, we will gradually realize technology and intelligence management, so that company management will stay at the forefront of the times to benefit agents and end customers alike, making the Group and its brands the most representative auto parts in Malaysia.
We work side by side with our customers to share profits and rich benefits
Besides internal management with APPs, the Group also attaches great significance to customer management and regards it as the driving force for the Group's growth. We stand on the same front with customers in market competition and fight side by side!

We have implemented two very important measures in customer management:

- We divide customers into a hierarchy in which customers of different levels enjoy different profit sharing, ensuring different profits for different customers;
- Knowing that products are a significant sales factor, we fly specific customers overseas every year to visit the OEM plants, so that they can fully understand our high-quality products.
Every award is a witness to our strength and growth!
LB Auto Group has stayed on the development track for many years, be it in management, business expansion or brand management. Striving to make every company in the Group the best, we have won many awards and honours with our strength in the process.

Each of the following awards is a witness to our step-by-step growth: